Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

Announcing the Latest Inductee into the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame – ME!

Just 8 days post-surgery, I managed to drag myself out of bed, take a fistful of Vicodin, and head to The Today Show for what I thought was simply a very exciting opportunity to talk about Cycle for Survival ( How could I possibly pass up this amazing opportunity?!

NBC extended the V.I.P treatment. A limo picked Dave and me up and brought me to the set to have my hair and make-up done. I kept on hearing rumblings about a “mystery guest” but I had no idea what anyone was referring to. Needless to say, I was very surprised when that mystery guest turned out to be MLB Hall of Famer Carl Ripken Jr. announcing that I had won the Energizer 2010 "Keep Going" Award!

It was such an exciting moment! I could NOT have done this without the support of each and every ONE of you who voted every day (sometimes multiple times a day!)  What is so fantastic is that this award has opened so many doors for Cycle for Survival. In addition to receiving a nice check for the charity, I am optimistic that you will see Hoda Kotb on a bike in February!  Also, Energizer as a company is going to create a satellite team and ride in St. Louis to show their support. There is also talk about my going on a media tour with Cal Ripken Jr. to help find the 2011 honoree.

All of this does so much for Cycle for Survival! Although all of the glitz is fantastic, it pales in comparison to how inspired I am by Cycle for Survival’s progress. To date, we have funded 13 medical trials and research studies that are helping find more medical options for people suffering from rare cancers like leukemia, sarcoma, melanoma and pancreatic and brain cancers. By funneling the money directly to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) we are dramatically decreasing the time from when an idea is conceived in the laboratory to when it can be administered to patients.

Giving millions of people hope is what it’s all about. YOUR votes have given me hope for the battle ahead.

I am including a blurb that was sent to all Energizer Employees announcing my win. So humbling…

She is the founder of one of the fastest-growing cancer research fundraisers in the country. She has raised $5 million in just four years. She lives every day with unstoppable energy and enthusiasm, and she does it all while fighting her own battle with cancer. Her determination, endless energy and positive attitude have transformed a personal struggle into hope for millions. What began as a battle with cancer has grown in to one of the fastest-growing cancer research fundraisers in the counry. She is Jennifer Goodman Linn, and we're proud to announce that she's our 2010 inductee into the Energizer Keep Going® Hall of Fame! Jen rose to the top of what was a record-breaking year for the Energizer Keep Going® Hall of Fame. She was selected from more than 1,200 entries and nearly 85,000 votes (30,000 more than last year!). And this morning, our winner was announced for the first time on national television! As part of an inspirational segment about Jen's story on NBC's TODAY Show, Cal Ripken, Jr. surprised Jen with the news she was the winner of the Energizer Keep Going® Hall of Fame.

I promise to write soon and fill you in on the last few days of my hospital stay, my upcoming chemo regimen and the slow but steady happenings of my digestive system.  Enough excitement for one day...I am back in my PJ's getting ready for chemo this Friday!