Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

An Oasis in Ocean Grove, New Jersey

I just got back from an amazing experience. There is an oceanfront bed & breakfast in Ocean Grove, New Jersey (about 75 minutes from NYC) called Mary's Place by the Sea. Although the home is named after the Virgin Mary, this home is open to all religious denominations and does not include religion in any of their activities.
The mission of the home is to give women with cancer a place to rest and revive during and after treatment. The staff caters to the needs of every woman as they work through the physical and emotional rigors of their treatment and their individual cancer experiences. Guests may stay a few hours or a few days, if needed. In addition to great food provided by a nutritionist, they provide Reiki massage, guided meditation, yoga and spa services (I got a facial!)
Their goal is to provide a home of hope that allows the individual to get well and gain strength to win their battle with cancer. Right now they are "renting space" from an existing B&B.; They have just recently bought an oceanfront plot of land and their goal is to have a 30 room facility (for women and their kids) built within 2 years.
The co-founders of this organization (Michelle Gannon and Maria McKeon) are magical. I arrived on Thursday night around 8PM from the city. I was run down from a long week at work and couldn't wait to relax. They greeted me with open arms and herbal green tea. I had a delightful night's sleep and woke up in the morning to the sounds of the ocean. It was a gorgeous day so I took a long run along the beach. I then had a delicious meal made by a nutritionist who asked all about my dietary needs. I spent a few hours lounging on the beach and then received a facial and a reiki massage (I was told during the reiki massage that she could feel a lot of energy in my heart which I guess is a good sign!)
I went back to the city around 6PM with a home cooked meal to take with me on the train. In less than 24 hours I was a completely different person. Calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Although I am done with treatment, it still did wonders for my energy. I can only imagine what good it does for women who are actively battling the disease.
I left Mary's Place by the Sea with two promises:
  • A promise to send them a list of ideas as to how they could build awareness and raise money (I sent that list this past Wednesday).
  • A promise to tell anyone and everyone I knew about this wonderful facility and encourage you to pass the word along. The need volunteers and they need funding.
You can find out more by visiting I love what these women are doing and truly believe it offers a true gift. Your mental state is such an important part of managing your cancer well. I have no doubt Michelle and Maria are saving the lives of so many women and are making the final days for those who can't win their battle with cancer more peaceful.
Thank you ladies for doing what you do!