Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

A Very Satisfying Week with Lots of “Moments”

I find that I am most at peace and happiest when I am living consistent with my purpose or mission. I have always defined my purpose as creating a world that is free of fear. A world where people tirelessly and relentlessly persevere in getting what they want, obliterating any obstacles that stand in their way.  I always say that I strive to be a living role model to others, demonstrating that without fear, anything is possible within ourselves.

Well, I had the great fortune of witnessing many dear friends this week "fling" themselves at life and embrace it to the fullest.

Let's start with the amazing Director of Cycle for Survival, Katie Kotkins getting exactly what she wanted...Zeev Klein!  Dave and I were thrilled to celebrate the union of Katie and Zeev this past weekend. We had a great time with the entire Cycle for Survival team!

The wedding was held at the Museum of Natural History and it was not only beautiful but so full of love.  It was clear with every speech and with every dance that this was truly the joining of not just a bride and groom but of two wonderful families.  The wedding struck the beautiful balance of being touching and sentimental while being humorous and a ton of fun. The band was fantastic as were the array of desserts and the pink/black and white color theme.  It wasn't surprising that Katie who has led Cycle for Survival to be such a success over the past few years would be able to pull off the most organized, beautiful, warm wedding.

Dave and I hold a very special place in our heart for Katie and Zeev. They are one of the most kind-hearted, selfless couples we have ever met.  They approach their lives with a real desire of giving back to charities and causes greater than themselves.  As evidence, not only do they put their heart and soul into our charity, they asked that in lieu of gifts, wedding attendees donate to a charity in honor of the maid of honor.  They are special people and we so look forward to spending more time with them as Mr. and Mrs. Klein!

In other news, I was blown away by the strength and fearlessness of two dear friends...let's call them "E" and "M".  Both of them have sarcoma and are having surgery this week.  "E" is having his leg amputated and "M" is fortunate to be able to save his leg but the surgery will be grueling and intense.  Both friends have humbled me with their strength and their ability to look cancer in the eye and say "you won't get the better of me".  My journey has become so much richer by knowing them.

I will be spending a fair amount of time at the hospital this week.  Not as a patient but as an advocate and a care giver for these two amazing men.  I hope and pray that their surgeries will be successful and that they will be able to become survivors in the physical sense....clearly they have already proven themselves time and time again as survivors in the behavioral sense.

Please learn from Katie, "E" and "M" and fling yourself at life.  Life is good today.