Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

A message from Jen’s parents and a poem from Jen

Two years after...

we remember the bright shining light that was Jennifer Goodman Linn with a message from her parents and a poem. 

This Saturday July 20th will be a day to reflect on Jen's bountiful gifts to us all and to the world. Some of us will cycle, some of us will give in to our sadness and deep sense of loss, some of us will smile at all the beautiful memories and inspiration Jen still gifts to us today, but unquestionably, in whatever way, we will all remember.

Jen truly transformed people's perspectives on life - she made them feel more powerful, less fearful, more ambitious, more meaningful...

And so I share with you a message from Jen's parents and a very special poem from Jen.  As always, please reach out if you want to share your You Fearless stories at  And Jen, I miss you...

-Janet Balis Allen

A message from Jen's parents:

Hard to believe, but it has been 2 years since we lost Jen. The ache in our hearts, the pain, is indescribable. Our words will not nearly capture our constant sadness. We miss her! We miss that big smile, her hugs, and all the excitement in her life. More than anything, our grief is because she is missing so much of all the events she cared so much about.

Our daughter loved life! She smothered herself with diverse friends and adventures. She urged us to live our lives to the fullest, and we are trying to honor her by doing that….following her spirited example. The love of family: Emily, Brett, Dave, Ben, and Shaun, keeps us balanced, and we are sustained by Jen’s numerous friends who have kept us in their lives. Thank you!

Kudos to Katie Kotkins, director of Cycle for Survival, at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and her DEDICATED team. Their passion and hard work continue to build Jen and Dave’s dream, providing more treatment options and hope, to thousands of cancer patients. Jennifer wanted no family to have to live our family’s ordeal. We are proud of our daughter’s meaningful and important legacy, Cycle for Survival; we will always fully embrace it.

From the time she was a tyke, Jen played around with poetry. This creative expression was often biographic and zany, but this activity was always a part of her fiber. We giggled over most of her attempts, but we encouraged her. As she matured, she became more introspective, more serious, with her poems. Her heart spoke. Going through her papers recently, we discovered a piece that we thought you would all enjoy. We love you, Jen.

-Mom & Dad July 20, 2013

A poem from Jen

On the 20th of April, a stormy afternoon
I stood amongst a wealth of friends, I would be married soon
It was then it came to pass, amidst the gloomy thunder
That I looked from face to face and I began to wonder
Not simply how it was I’d come to be so elegantly dressed
But what it was I’d done on earth to be so truly blessed
That friends would come from all the world, travelling at great length
To share our special moment and offer extra strength
I knew then that we were witnessing an event extremely rare
That those we love had done so much to show us that they care
And if I have one hope in life it’s that the few I touch
May know for just one moment, what it is to be loved so much
Great champions of spirit – you went beyond the call
And for your generous gestures, we will always love you all
And when we glance out at the sky, and see the stars and moon
I’ll smile of treasured memories, and dream of seeing you soon
Excuse me now as I must take, the next step on the way
So I guess a simple THANK YOU is all that’s left to say
Go well my friends I’ll see you soon a little further down the line
And when we meet, we’ll dance again, and share another special time.

-Jennifer Goodman Linn 

Thank you to Jennifer Lee Photography for the beautiful photographs of a truly beautiful person.