Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

A Fantastic Week

I am sorry that I have not written a while but I have been very busy doing lots of fun things! The first week of May was very special as I got the chance to see my college girlfriends. 6 of us met in Austin, Tx for the weekend and it was so much fun. I was marveling at the fact that we have all known each other since our Freshman year at Duke...19 years ago! Despite the fact that we live in 6 different cities (Austin, Boston, San Francisco, New York, Nashville and Atlanta) and have 5 husbands and 13 kids between us, we still all manage to get together at least once every year or 18 months. This year was particularly fun. We spent a day at the Lake Austin Spa laying out at the pool and getting massages and facials. We all joked around that we can tell we are getting older when we would rather spend our money on a nice dinner and a spa treatment than going dancing all hours of the night at a fancy club! I went straight from Austin to celebrate a special friend's wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Meg is a very good friend whom I met through cancer. She went to business school with Dave and introduced herself to me when I was going through treatments. Meg was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma about 12 years ago and went through a series of treatments in addition to a stem cell transplant. She is an amazing woman who taught me a lot about how to handle cancer. She also has introduced me to a wonderful group of girlfriends who have also battled cancer. We call ourselves the "Cancer Chicks" and some of us were fortunate enough to be able to toast Meg and Wes at the rehearsal dinner. Each one of us spoke about our experiences with cancer and how Meg helped us and continues to help us deal with the situation. Although words could never truly express how much Meg has meant to me, I was appreciative that I was given the chance to at least try to express my gratitude. I spoke about the fact that I truly do believe people enter your life for a reason and that Meg has truly been a life saver to me.
Another wonderful thing about Meg's wedding is that, in addition to getting married at a gorgeous hotel in Mexico, she married a good friend of Dave's and mine from business school. We love it when 2 of our friends marry each other. The wedding was beautiful! In fact, the entire week at the hotel was great - the weather was gorgeous and Meg and Wes had so many great friends and family that traveled the distance to see them married. Dave and I had a great, great time! I went for the entire week and combined the wedding with some R&R.; Dave came out for the weekend as he is headed to Scotland next week for 10 days to play golf with our friends Vishal, Brett and Sam. It is nice to know that my cancer and the weekly chemotherapy treatments have gotten pretty predictable and "mundane". I truly appreciate the fact that my Doctor lets me travel to places like Mexico and that Dave is comfortable enough with my status that he feels OK leaving the country on a vacation with the guys.
Again, I am truly grateful that cancer has not overly disrupted our lives. Of course there are some things in our life that we have postponed or rescheduled but, on the whole, we are living life just as we would like to live it.