Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

Speaking Testimonials

Jen’s story is so moving…she is the most inspiring person I know!

Lucy Danziger


Self Magazine

You could be on my team anytime Jen.

Mike Krzyzewski

Head Basketball Coach

Duke University and Team USA

Jen is incredible, she’s unbelievable –I am so inspired by her!

Hoda Kotb


The Today Show

Every time I hear you tell your story, I wish everyone I ever knew had the chance to listen, learn, and be inspired as I have.

Ted Seides


Protégé Partners

Jen is a force of nature, an extraordinary human being whose will to live and perspective on life, business and all its challenges are beyond measure. It is more than a privilege to see her in action…it is life changing.

Carolyn Everson

Corporate VP, Global Ad Sales and Strategy


We all come across people who inspire us on one level or another. But it’s an exceptionally rare privilege to connect with someone whose passion, intelligence and integrity inspires you to re-consider how you live your life. Jen is one of those people for me

Michael Moynihan

Vice President Marketing


Your presentation was powerful, emotional, sobering, uplifting and inspirational…all in the same discussion! Each of us that had the good fortune to hear your words has taken away a greater willingness to face and address the challenges in our personal and professional lives.

Brett Keith

Chief Executive Officer

Rockwood Equity Group

I was feeling stuck, send and ensnared by the darkness of it all. What grace and timing to hear you speak. You have inspired me to take control of my live and live to be a role model to others.

Michael T.

Cancer Patient


Our entire sales force is talking about you! I have probably told your moving story close to 100 times to anyone that would listen. I have used your story to sell, to inspire others and most importantly, I have used it to motivate myself to touch the lives of every one of my employees.

Scott Rosen

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Equinox Fitness

Jen is the girl next door. She’s your sister. She’s your friend, not some world-class athlete with ungodly stamina. People can relate. She’s a hero. A fighter. An advocate. A role model. A beacon.

Scott Soshnick

Sports Reporter

Bloomberg News

Consulting Testimonials

Jen brings a strategic mindset, analytical skill set and a strong dose of creativity to marketing. She truly understands how to build and refine a brand, as well as how to bring it to life. Most importantly, she is a great leader and builds enthusiasm in the people around her that drives everyone forward together.

Elaine Boltz

Senior Vice President, Strategy


Jen is a driving force unlike anyone I’ve ever met before. Her can-do attitude, contagious optimism and strong business acumen seem to be the formula. When I collaborate with Jen, I know there is no option but to win.

Gary Bonilla

Senior Vice President, Creative Director


Jen is an extraordinary leader, creative thinker and inspiration. She is strategic, articulate and passionate, focused on solutions not problems. But most importantly, Jen is authentic. In this world, it is that authenticity that differentiates her and puts her in a league unto herself.

Janet Balis

Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Martha Stewart Omnimedia

In an age where most everyone has a pulpit and terms like ‘inspirational’ can lose their sense of distinction, Jennifer Goodman Linn is the real deal. Her inherent intelligence and marketing/business talents are matched by a boundless optimism and energy that make for a total package like none other. Whatever and whomever she touches, she manages to transform for the better.

Marisa Thalberg

Vice President, Global Digital Marketing

The Estée Lauder Companies

Jen Goodman Linn is my personal hero. In the face of any challenge, whether in life or business, Jen demonstrates that relentless determination, inspiring leadership, depth of character and a shot of marketing brilliance can change the world.

Deborah B. Curtis

Vice President, Advertising

American Express

Jen is a remarkable individual – truly one in a million. Just being around her is energizing. She brings out the best in everyone around her and makes you want to be the best you can be.

Phil Turbin

Managing Director

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Jen’s creativity and drive are incredibly impressive. She has great breadth and depth of experience across a variety of global consumer brands. Her unique perspective allows her to make an immediate impact on and provide great value for her clients and partners.

Laura Broderick

Senior Vice President, Brand Development

San Diego Padres

I have known Jen for 20 years and she has always amazed me with her unparalleled level of energy and raw skill. This enthusiasm, combined with her tenacity, creativity, and smarts has allowed her to accomplish extraordinary things personally and professionally.

Emily Portney

Chief Operating Officer

J.P. Morgan Equities Group

A dose of Jen Goodman Linn does wonders. Her spirit, energy and raw business “how to” are unmatched. I look at Jen and realize that anything is possible. That’s what knowing her has done for me – opened a sense of limitless possibility, unapologetic optimism, and recognition of the power that every single individual has to make their mark on the world.

Julie Halpin

Chief Executive Officer

WPP/The Geppetto Group

Jen is a star and you realize that from the first minute you meet her. She exudes positivity and confidence and those traits make her a wonderful business partner. I value what she has taught me — how to find opportunities in the least likely of situations.

Adrianne Kirszner

Senior Vice President, Planning and Allocation

Ann Taylor

Cycle for Survival Testimonials

You are truly shifting the course of lives and the world spins a little differently on its axis because of you and your progress.

Doug Ulman

President and Chief Executive Officer

Lance Armstrong Foundation

You have given me hope with a capital “H”. It is because of your relentless tenacity and contagiously, positive spirit that I am alive today… and I am forever grateful. The world is blessed to be graced with your vision and your tenacity.

Derek H.

Cancer Survivor

North Carolina

We struggle to adequately express our full appreciation for all that you have done. We owe so many meaningful advances to you and remain grateful for your generosity, and that which you motivate in others.

Richard Naum

Vice President, Development Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer


We are writing with a tinge of awe, admiration, appreciation, and lots of respect. The event had such an impact on thousands of people! There are no words to describe the energy, the inspiration and the hope that you instill in all of us.

Jeanne S.


Cycle for Survival

Thank you for giving my family and I this vehicle called Cycle for Survival. It makes us feel empowered and provides us the ability to save lives. We hold you in the light.

Sandy M.

Cancer Patient


I think the work you are doing to attract attention and dollars to rare cancers is key – it is the ONLY way progress will be made on these diseases in our present system.

Dr. Christopher Sonnenday

Ontological Surgeon and Professor

University of Michigan

Jen designed and implemented, from scratch, the fastest growing public charity in America, and, she did this more or less single-handedly while undergoing five major cancer surgeries and chemotherapy. How was she able to accomplish this? Through her extraordinary strategic marketing savvy, her moral courage and her ability to tell a story in a way that is clear and compelling! Jen is an innovator, a communicator and a motivator who will inspire any group the way she has me and a legion of others.

Carl S. Sloane

Professor Emeritus

Harvard Business School

I spent the first half-hour today almost choking on my emotion, and by day’s end, as Jennifer Goodman Linn, the inspirational founder of Cycle for Survival handed over a check to my doctors for $2.2 million dollars, I was completely overcome. I met a man today who is already in a clinical trial that is being supported by money raised last year from this event. We were not alone today. And we will not forget.

Bruce Feiler

Best-selling Author T

he New York Times

Inspirational Testimonials

Jen has an indefinable quality that draws people to her and opens their minds and hearts to what she has to say. Thank You Jen for breathing life into so many people and me.

Ethan Zohn

Cancer Survivor and Activist

Winner, Survivor Africa

I’ve never met Jen. But Jen has changed my world. I have spent long moments reading her words; I have been inspired by her optimism, her faith, her perseverance and her courage. I have cried for her, laughed with her and altered my daily attitude because of her.

Dana F.

Blog Reader


We all live our lives trying to make a difference…please know that you have. Your words have touched me more than I can explain and the world is a better place because of your presence.

Jane G.

Blog Reader


I don’t have too many role models but you certainly are one and I can only to hope to live as well as you do. Your story continues to amaze and humble me.

Steve R.

Blog Reader